The General prosecutor’s Office are clarifying the following matters:

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The last time promoted the information about the use of certification of security on the personal devices is actively. By the state institutions as Ministry of information, digital and social development clarified the purpose of use of instruction of that certificate. It has been explained as defense of right against illegal acts. Also his certificate can protect from cyber attacks, viruses. And due to that nowadays at the social life it does not stopped the of use of this certificate.

The General Prosecutor makes accent on that the state make ensure and guarantee the compliance of constitutional rights regard on respect of  the personal lives of citizens, personal confidence information and confidential information of families, official mails, telephone conversations, messages, etc.

It would involve in taking responsibility for making violation under the above mentioned crime acts. Especially, for the illegal access to the electronic information resource, information system, for illegal interception of information which are broadcasting through the telecommunications will be imposed criminal punishment which allow for deprivation of liberty above 5years. (Criminal Justice Law, article 147, paragraph3)

In Accordance to Criminal Justice Law , Article 148 for the violation of act  regarding on keeping confidence information by mail, telephone conversations, confidential information by mail, telegraph and other resources.

Prosecutor’s Offices due to inspection in cooperation with other state institutions will make punishments under the violations and will take measures under the guilty parties.


Press service of General Prosecutor’s Office of Republic Kazakhstan