At the General Prosecutor’s Office they discussed issues of the return of stolen assets and the fight against drug trafficking

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At the General Prosecutor’s Office they discussed issues of the return of stolen assets and the fight against drug trafficking  - 1687489480

December 21, 2018, Astana. Under the chairmanship of General Prosecutor Kairat Kozhamzharov, there was a meeting of the Coordinating Council of law enforcement agencies, where they considered issues of countering drug-related crime and the return of stolen assets.

The Assistant to the President - Secretary of the Security Council, Gabit Baizhanov, members of the Coordination Council, representatives of the Presidential Administration and state bodies took part in the meeting.

They noted that the problem of distribution and transit of drugs remains a real threat to security for the countries of Central Asia and requires the strengthening of measures by all concerned authorities in this direction.

In his speech, the head of the supervisory authority, Kairat Kozhamzharov, also noted that, despite the decrease in drug crimes, on average, by 9%, the number of drug addicts and crimes committed in a state of drug intoxication does not decrease.

97 tons of various drugs were seized, including 387 kg of heroin.

Detection of drug dealers decreased in 2017 by 15%, in the current one by 30%.

A large amount of drugs freely passes through our border and is withdrawn by the special services of neighboring countries.

He focused on the weakening of the operational positions of the authorized units of law enforcement and special agencies, their main forces aimed at combating ordinary consumers.

Only 30% of criminal cases are open against drug dealers.

Prosecutor's checks found illegal 1,5 thousand sentences on the termination and interruption of criminal cases in this category.

As a result of the meeting, the General Prosecutor directed law enforcement and special agencies to strengthen the work on identifying the chains of supply of drugs and their traffickers.

They proposed to revise the criteria for evaluating the units activities in the fight against drug trafficking. It should be conducted according to the number of suppressed channels and drug dealers brought to criminal liability.

The border and customs control bodies are told that it is necessary to establish an effective barrier to drug trafficking at the border, and to update the inspection equipment for this purpose.

The Ministry of Health was recommended to establish an objective accounting of drug addicts, and the Ministry of Education to review approaches to the prevention of drug addiction, especially among young people.

 “A broad anti-outreach drug addiction should be a permanent component of preventive measures and the educational process. This is very relevant in the light of the announcement by the Head of State of the next year - the year of the youth, ” K. Kozhamzharov said.

Also, the Minister of the Interior affairs was asked to initiate the development and adoption of a new state program to counter drug addiction before the Government.

The last such program was implemented in 2016.

At the meeting they also reviewed the measures taken to compensate for damage to the state caused by crimes and the return of stolen assets from abroad.

Since 2015, only 17% of the stolen funds has been recovered.

They noted that the investigating authorities are not focused on the search and arrest of the suspects’ assets. A random inspection by prosecutors revealed 86 facts of no arrest of criminals’ property who sold and removed their assets.

There is no proper claim-related work in criminal cases where individuals are exempted from liability.

In this regard, the General Prosecutor instructed to prepare an appropriate directive to the law enforcement agencies on the adoption of a set of measures to establish and return the stolen funds to the state and citizens.

He also directed the authorized agencies to more actively apply advanced methods of search and seizure of criminal assets, including using information from the financial intelligence units of foreign colleagues.

The Ministry of Justice was tasked to accelerate the development of the IT system for automatic verification of debtors' property, as well as increasing the responsibility of officers of the courts.

Following the meeting, the work plan of the Coordination Council for the first half of 2019 was approved, which included topical issues arising from the instructions of the Head of State and related to the protection of citizens' rights.


Press Service of the General Prosecutor's Office of the Republic of Kazakhstan