K. Kozhamzharov: “The main priority of the work of law enforcement agencies is the safety of Kazakhstan’s people”

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K. Kozhamzharov: “The main priority of the work of law enforcement agencies is the safety of Kazakhstan’s people” - 1147966083

In the Message of the Head of State N.A. Nazarbayev pays special attention to ensuring security as one of the key conditions for the development of society.

In this regard, the President of the country has set specific targets for the qualitative transformation of the law enforcement agencies work.

The main dimension in the work of the entire law enforcement system, in connection with the transition to a service model, will be the level of public confidence and a sense of security among citizens. Already from the beginning of next year, the announced reforms will start.

Other issues disturbing the population have also been grounded in the Message. The Head of the State drew attention to the opacity of utility tariffs, the spending of consumer funds, and the regulation of natural monopolies.

Therefore, recommendations based on the results of prosecutor's checks to the Government related to tariff setting will be included in the National Plan for the Implementation of the President Message.

In the announced strategic document, the “red line” addresses the issues of protecting businesses from undue interference and administrative pressure.

The Head of the State gave a three-month period to consider measures to reduce the entrepreneurs’ costs and increase the citizens’ real incomes. This is one of the main priorities of the prosecution authorities, which are constantly taking response measures to protect small and medium-sized businesses.

There is a gradual humanization of criminal legislation in terms of reducing its repressiveness in economic crimes. We have prepared a draft law, which provides for the reduction of sanctions and the implementation of alternative penalties.

On behalf of the President, the draft law will be supplemented by a norm that increases the thresholds for the application of criminal liability for tax violations up to 50,000 MCI with an increase in fines.

At the same time, opposition to the shadow economy will be strengthened, and the crimes related to them will be highlighted in a separate category. This will be a priority activity of the reorganized Economic Investigation Service.

A progressive vision of the urbanization process on a global scale requires the development of new approaches to security. The key to them, as the Head of State noted, will be digitalization. The transfer of criminal proceedings to electronic format is the beginning of this path, and one of the factors that deter corruption.

The President’s Message is a bridge linking previous initiatives to clear guidelines for the future development of our country, which will lead to high rates of growth in the welfare of all Kazakhstanis.

In addition, the Head of the State gave a separate instruction in the field of land relations. This question is taken on my personal control.