On offenses committed during the electoral period

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Elections of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan are held in accordance with the norms of current legislation.

There were no violations that could cast doubt on the results of the expression of the will of the voters at the election of the President of the country.

In the electoral period, the prosecutor's office instituted and sent 36 cases of administrative offenses to the courts. Of these, the courts considered 30, there are 6 under consideration.

For issuing ballots to citizens, in order to provide them with the possibility of voting for other persons, 11 members of precinct election commissions were brought to justice under Article 110 of the Administrative Code. They are penalized in the amount of 25 MCI.

9 voters were fined under Article 108 of the Administrative Code for violating the requirement of equal suffrage (one voter - one vote - one ballot). Basically, they took ballots for family members. These are residents of the cities - Nur-Sultan and Almaty, Almaty, East Kazakhstan and Turkestan regions. 4 such cases are under consideration by the specialized administrative court of Zhambyl region.

The prosecution authorities are conducting an inspection on video recordings of throw out ballots and other violations published in a number of media outlets, as well as on social networks. Most of the information was not confirmed.

For the rest of the work continues, as many videos do not contain information about the site, area, city, region, where the events occurred.

According to the results of the inspection, in case of detection of illegal actions, the materials will be transferred to the court to bring the perpetrators to justice.


Press Service of the General Prosecutor's Office